Kann’ and the Caribbean footprint

2001 / Carte Blanche

« Carte Blanche » is an invitation. To musicians, his friends and partners, with whom he loves creating and sharing. The voices of Jocelyne Béroard, Ralph Thamar or Tony Chasseur, the violins of the Orquestra Aragon (Cuba), Andy Narell’s Steel Drums, Orlando Poleo percussions, the rhythm section of the Fanfant Brothers…But it is also and above all an invitation to the public. An invitation to a journey in the F.W.I, at the heart of Martinique, discovering its history, culture and music.

1997 / Chawa

Here comes Jazz! With « Chawa », Mario Canonge’s Caribbean Jazz subtly announces his future albums like « Rhizome » and « mitan ». ‘Kon Djab Djigidji’ will even become one of the successes of « Sakésho », the well- known quartet he founded with Andy Narell, Michel Alibo and Jean-Philippe Fanfant.

1995 / Arôme Caraïbes

In the tradition of « Retour aux sources », « Arôme Caraïbes » presents a few standards wonderfully interpreted during his concerts. From Jazz to Zouk (‘Bam ti bonjou’) to Beguine or Latin Jazz, « Arôme Caraïbes » definitely deserves its name while creating a friendly atmosphere. The perfect opportunity to enjoy the talent of Ralph Thamar and Tatiana Miath, among others.

1993 / Trait d’Union

It’s Jocelyne Béroard who opens « Trait d’Union » with the famous « Non Musieu ». Around his group Kann’– with Thierry and Jean-Philippe Fanfant and Bago – Mario invites the greatest Caribbean musicians for this festive « trait d’union » : Ralph Thamar, Jean-Paul Pognon, Miguel Gomez, Jean-Philippe Marthély, Tony Chasseur…

1991 / Retour aux sources

After his experience with « Ultramarine », « Retour aux Sources » is Mario Canonge’s first album as a leader. A stunning success for this album which playlist became without a doubt a collection of remarkable standards (‘Lésé palé’, ‘Pei mwen jodi’, ‘West Indies Rhapsody’…). And now « Retour aux sources » can be downloaded.[:]