mitan is a Jazz CD! Mario claims it out loud. It is a « half-time », a turning point in his life and career. Ever since « Rhizome » Mario has been searching the perfect alchemy between Jazz and Caribbean music, more traditional and often lighter. The same Caribbean music he’s been playing over the years thus reaching recognition from « Retour aux sources » all the way to «Arômes Caraïbes » and « Chawa ». And the result of his search is a success! mitan is without a doubt a real Jazz and Caribbean CD. Both styles wonderfully evolving side by side. Not to mention the Caribbean musicians he chose for this adventure. With Felipe Cabrera, (from Cuba) on double bass and Obed Calvaire, (from Haiti) on drums, music just flows! Let’s not forget about the participation of Linley Marthe and Chander Sardjoe on a few tracks, and other amazing guests such as Irving Acao, Manu Codjia and Bago.

mitan (2011) – with Mario Canonge (pno), Félipe Cabrera (cb), Obed Calvaire (dms), Linley Marthe (b), Chander Sardjoe (dms), Irving Acao (sax), Bago (perc), Manu Codjia (g).

Tracklist: Poésie du Chaos – 04:33 / A Fleur de Terre – 06:49 / Entre la Pelée et l’Ararat – 06:04 / Half Way There – 07:43 / Noël Filao – 05:42 / Rêves et Chimères – 07:30 / Room 150 – 06:05 / Ska du Cap – 07:13 / Papito – 04:01

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