West Indies classics

2009 / Punch en musique 2

Just like for the first volume of « Punch en musique », this second opus presents Caribbean standards, mainly from Malavoi’s repertoire, as well as some of Mario’s own hits (‘Non Musieu’, ‘Pei mwen jodi’). With Gregory Louis on the drums!

2003 / Les plus belles chansons de Noël

Along with Alex Bernard (bass) and Jean-Philippe Fanfant (dms), Mario Canonge interprets the most beautiful Caribbean Christmas carols somewhere in between Jazz and the traditional Chanté Nwel. Whether intimist, joyful or reverential, this trio is always sincere and offers some of the best interpretations of those famous carols. Could this possibly be one of these Christmas Miracles?

1999 / Punch en musique

With « Punch en musique » Mario Canonge performs the most beautiful pages of Caribbean tradition. The perfect opportunity to reappropriate the standard pieces of mazurka and beguine while adding a personal touch to create a collection, festive and nostalgic, of a certain way of life.[:]