Zouk Out

Zouk Out is my personal conception of a jazz with Caribbean influences. It respects our musical traditions, which are punctuated by the powerful original marker of the drum. Less popular than its Spanish-speaking and English-speaking island sisters, the syncopations specific to the French West Indies are no less melodious. Zouk Out is a reflection of introspective jazz that pays tribute to the origins of zouk, to my people. It is the expression of who I am, a jazzman close to his roots, who invites you to discover authentic and resolutely modern phrases.”

Zouk Out

Year: 2018
Label / Reference : [PIAS] Le label / Aztec Music
Personnel : Mario Canonge (pno), Michel Alibo (b), Arnaud Dolmen (batt), Adriano Tenorio (perc). Guests: Ralph Thamar, Erik Pedurand, Maraca Valle, Annick Tangorra, Winston Berkeley, Ralph Lavital, Josiah Woodson, Michael Joussein, Laurent Maur, Ricardo Izquierdo, Cynthia Abraham, Nirina Rakotomavo


1- Yekri / 2- Sweet Kon Lakay / 3- Karnaval Blues / 4- Murmures Rebelles / 5- Man Ja Sav / 6- Shaft Zouk / 7- Se Mwen / 8- Se Ou Mwen Le / 9- Mennen Vini / 10- Les Trois Fleuves / 11- Yekri Elwa

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