Zouk Out – 2018 – Mario Canonge – [PIAS] Le label / Aztec Musique (CM2557) – With Mario Canonge (pno), Michel Alibo (b), Arnaud Dolmen (batt), Adriano Tenorio (perc). Invités : Ralph Thamar, Erik Pedurand, Maraca Valle, Annick Tangorra, Winston Berkeley, Ralph Lavital, Josiah Woodson, Michael Joussein, Laurent Maur, Ricardo Izquierdo, Cynthia Abraham, Nirina Rakotomavo
Zouk Out is my personal conception of a jazz with Caribbean influences. It respects our musical traditions, which are punctuated by the powerful original marker of the drum. Less popular than its Spanish-speaking and English-speaking island sisters, the syncopations specific to the French West Indies are no less melodious. Zouk Out is a reflection of introspective jazz that pays tribute to the origins of zouk, to my people. It is the expression of who I am, a jazzman close to his roots, who invites you to discover authentic and resolutely modern phrases.”

Quint’Up – 2018 – Mario Canonge & Michel Zenino – Aztec Musique (CM2520) – With Mario Canonge (pno), Michel Zenino (cb), Arnaud Dolmen (batt), Josiah Woodson (tp, fl), Ricardo Izquierdo (sax)
The album Quint’Up is the logical extension of the piano / double bass duets that Mario Canonge and Michel Zenino have had the pleasure of playing every week in residence at Le Baiser Salé for over ten years now. Quint’Up’s nine tracks immerse themselves in the hard-bop spirit of the 50s and 60s, soak up the Caribbean warmth, vary moods and always leave room for improvisations. The result is a refreshing jazz, anchored in tradition, with modernism energized by the talent of its young performers.

mitan – 2011 – Mario Canonge – Kann’ Prod (150972) – With Mario Canonge (pno), Félipe Cabrera (cb), Obed Calvaire (dms), Linley Marthe (b), Chander Sardjoe (dms), Irving Acao (sax), Bago (perc), Manu Codjia (g).
For Mario, mitan is a turning point! And for this new adventure he chose a Caribbean team, with Felipe Cabrera from Cuba, on double bass and Obed Calvaire from Haiti, on drums. Ever since « Rhizome » Mario has been searching the perfect alchemy between Jazz and Caribbean music, more traditional and often lighter. And the result of his quest is a success! « mitan » is without a doubt a real Jazz and Caribbean CD. Both styles beautifully evolving side by side.

Rhizome Tour – 2009 – Mario Canonge – Kann’ Prod (150971) – With Mario Canonge (pno), avec Linley Marthe (b) et Chander Sardjoe (dms)
After the success of « Rhizome », Mario Canonge takes Linley Marthe (b) and Chander Sardjoe (dms) on the road for a series of concerts around the world. Several of those performances were recorded, giving life to an outstanding album where the « three partners in crime » freely evolve. A real moment of joy!

Rhizome – 2004 – Mario Canonge – O+ Music (OP102) – With Mario Canonge (kbd, bck vcls), Michel Alibo (b), Roy Hargrove (tp), Jacques Schwarz-Bart (sax), Bago (perc), Miguel Gomez (perc), Antonio Sanchez dms), Jean-Pierre Koquerel (vcls), Dominique Koquerel (bck vcls) Eric Coqk (bck vcls), Richard Bona (vcl & bck vcls), Gino Sitson (vcl & bck vcls)
Mario Canonge took a long time to get ready for this album which stands out with the previous ones while remaining deeply Caribbean. Recorded in New York for the most part, « Rhizome » subtly shifts toward Jazz and welcomes several prestigious artists: Roy Hargrove, Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Richard Bona, Antonio Sanchez…

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